Bumble Bots Re-Pair is a difficult action puzzle game. In the game you need to re-unite (re-pair) bots by fixing the paths they traverse. Can you complete all ten levels?


Extend the tracks using the provided tiles so the bots meet before they run off the track.

  • Use the X-key to change the selected tile
  • Use the Z-key to place it at the cursor on the grid
  • Use the arrow keys to move the cursor

The tile must fit and extend an existing track. Once placed, a tile cannot be removed.


The tiles that you are offered are randomly selected. However, you will always be offered tiles that fit somewhere on the grid. Furthermore, the tiles on offer will be unique. The order in which you place tiles and where you place them therefore matters. Exploit this to increase the odds that you get favourable tiles.

It helps to hedge your bets. Have a fallback plan in case you do not get tiles that match your perfect route.

At the start you may want to keep many open ends, so you can place "undesired" tiles somewhere. Towards the end you may want to reduce the number of open ends, to increase the probability that you are offered the tiles that you still need to complete your route.

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